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IT strategy is the guiding framework that enables businesses to ensure that they are leveraging IT correctly and in line with their business objectives. Too many businesses just opt for the local IT company and take any IT solution proposed because it is the latest thing. If this is you then stop. Think. Don’t you think you need an IT strategy before you take IT investment decisions?

Ask yourself these questions:

How are you measuring the success of your current IT strategy?

How are you measuring the ROI of your current IT investments?

How many questions has your current IT provider asked you about your business goals and working practices?

Hint: If your IT provider waits for you to tell them what you need, they’re not really adding value to your business. That is because they probably don’t understand IT strategy themselves.

What IT strategy consulting looks like

An IT strategy consultant will spend time with you onsite and ask questions about your business’ working practices and strategic objectivesWe will write up our insights and identify technology opportunities that your business can leverage to drive greater results.

Then you can make the decisions you need to make for your business. You will be equipped with the right questions to ask any potential IT services provider. You will have a framework against which to measure IT strategy success.


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We are an IT services provider based just outside of Geneva Switzerland. We offer a full range of IT services and French/English speaking IT support to companies throughout Switzerland and Europe.

Our IT support includes onsite and offsite remote IT support and helpdesk.

Our other IT services include: