How we eliminate IT challenges and make your life easier.

New clients often tell us the reasons they wanted to leave their last IT Service Firm.

This is our condensed summary of a small business leader’s typical experiences with other IT service firms. And what they now get with us.

Other IT Service Firms – “IT support was distant, sluggish and inconsistent”

We just weren’t sure if we were that important to them – we were never sure if they were working on our problems or not. We didn’t really see how they were spending their time and then we got this unpredictable bill at the end of it.

Sometimes we heard back them about the problems we had, sometimes we didn’t. It was as if they chose which bits were interesting to them.


Guaranteed response times.

Agreed IT management scope.

Transparent reporting.

Other IT Service Firms – “We had no certainty of spend”

Our bills varied every month. I wanted something a bit more buttoned down and more closely tied to the actual IT service outcomes so we could budget more easily for IT costs and investments.

We didn’t have any reassurances from them regarding prices because it was all time and materials based – which was a recipe for overspend to start with.


Unlimited IT support at a fixed monthly cost.

Easy budgeting and investment decisions.

Other IT Service Firms – “I was thinking about IT too much”

All of the change in our IT network has been initiated by me. It felt like I was thinking and speaking about our IT challenges more than our IT support firm was. I asked for software upgrades. I asked for new equipment. I told them things weren’t working.

Me and my colleagues were driving the whole thing. They just didn’t bring any initiative to the table. In business, I want to focus on serving my employees and clients, but I was frequently sidelined by IT challenges.


Dedicated account manager who thinks about IT challenges and opportunities for me.

Someone that cares about our employees and business.

Other IT Service Firms – “No defined IT security or data management policies”

We didn’t really know how to effectively manage and protect our data. I never felt that our IT service firm truly thought about our IT security and disaster recovery.

I am realising how critical our data management is to our reputation and performance. I want it to be secure and properly backed up so that our business can operate securely and efficiently.


IT security leadership.

Robust data management workflows.

Managed disaster recovery with daily data integrity tests.

Other IT Service Firms – “I felt behind the curve”

I was convinced that technology could help me improve how my business ran, but I didn’t have any feedback or advice from our IT service firm to implement effective changes.

We were using antiquated equipment and applications because they weren’t suggesting updates and alternatives.


We do everything possible to make the most of available technology.

Technology is finally enabling us to work smarter and more securely.

They are continuously thinking about technology so I don’t have to.



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