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Complexities in projects, lack of specialist expertise, budgetary constraints, flexibility and agility are only a few of the challenges when managing information technology projects. The IT Guys has over a decade of experience in solution design and technical implementation across the global arena of IT project management.

The IT Guys are flexible, cost effective and aim to form a lasting relationship with you and your business.

Qualified PM

Qualified PMs

You need to ensure your project is a success. Leverage our project managers who all benefit from ITIL and PRINCE2 certifications, ensuring correct methodologies and frameworks are implemented throughout the life of your project. 

Flexible Engagement

Flexible Engagement

We know that no project is ever the same. Benefit from flexible project management services with project managers who are available on a consultative or full-time basis depending on your requirements, constraints and timelines.

Strong Local Expertise

Strong Local Expertise

Office setups and moves require collaboration between many parties and deep local knowledge. We have over 10 years of experience working in complex environments to ensure your project is delivered as agreed.

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Need IT Project Management?

We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to delivering the IT portion of your project.

We are continually supporting our clients in their pursuit of success in their organisation. Let us help you save time and money in your next office move, go to cloud, data migration, health assessment, telephony, collaboration or security platform project.

Go To Cloud Project

We help customers understand the benefits, costs, timelines, advantages and disadvantages of moving a service to the cloud. Whether you are moving a single workload or an entire data centre, part of our initial service, free of charge, is to assist you in scoping your potential move to the cloud.

Once we have established the scope, cost and timeline of the project, we design a competitive quote and discuss this at length with you. Should you accept, we take control and manage all technology elements of the project as well as advise on tasks such as user adoption and governance to ensure your project is a success.

Office Setup / Move Project

While moving offices can be a challenging endeavour for many businesses, knowing how to prepare and what to think about from a technology perspective can be even more daunting.

Some of the most common mistakes can be avoided if you have the right IT partner involved from the beginning, such as delays with installation of internet lines, issues surrounding audio / visual requirements and sound quality, and wireless access points placement. No matter how big or small your office relocation may be, there is always a lot to think about to ensure minimal impact to your staff.

Having completed dozens of office moves both in Switzerland and across the globe, The IT Guys has the skills and experience to smooth out the transition.

Email / Data Migration Project

Are you looking to move away from your current email hosting provider or migrate data off of an aging file storage platform?

Depsite the criticality of both email and file systems to most businesses, many neglect these platforms, allowing them to fall behind in security and functionality. Whether you’re looking to migrate emails or files from one on-premise solution to another, from an on-premise solution to the cloud, or from one cloud provider to another, The IT Guys will make it happen.

Our process is efficient, effective and easy to understand, with over 10 years of experience migrating systems such as Google G Suite, Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365), Microsoft Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016/2019 and Zimbra.

IT Heath Review Project

The IT Health assessment is a project run by The IT Guys, usually over the course of four to six weeks, where all aspects of your information technology environment are analysed, giving you an in-depth insight of the current state as well as a high-level overview of critical items / risks that should be addressed as well as actionable recommendations to streamline, stabilise and capitalise on your IT estate.

Examples of this investigation include network stability, state of innovation and age of the environment, data capacity and storage, redundancy and backup strategies, continuity, disaster recovery and security posture.

Telephony Platform Project

We help businesses transition from legacy telephony solutions to scalable solutions that integrate with modern collaboration platforms. Modern telephony and VoIP (voice over IP) solutions, when contrasted with legacy systems, are very cost effective and provide easy scalability.

We believe in leveraging VoIP solutions which are hosted in the cloud for maximum redundancy, and low latency, with the ability to integrate calls with your chosen collaboration and messaging tool to increase communication effectiveness across your organisation.

Collaboration / Messaging Platform Project

In this modern age, you cannot stop staff from using tools and platforms to communicate in ways they see most effective however there are solutions that bring everything together in one neat package where staff won’t want to use anything else. Enter the world of collaboration & messaging platforms.

How these platforms function is that they enable staff to engage with each other by grouping people into functional teams. Working within these teams, staff can share and collaborate on documents in real-time, reducing the quantity of internal email.

Communication becomes subject matter related. The platform is a flexible, centralized and subject matter-based hub of communication and information. As staff engage, the benefits are immediately seen:
- Reduction in email count as people engage more through the collaboration platform.
- Reduction in errors and confusion around modification of documents as version control, which is a key benefit when working within the tool.

Although this can be a major culture change within your organisation the benefits far outweigh the immediate impact and with a good IT partner by your side, the right adoption and change management programme can make this project a total success.

Why is it hard to find a professional IT services firm you can trust?

If you are an SME and you want to outsource part or all of your IT, you need to be looking for 4 key components in your IT service provider:

  1. Fantastic customer service
  2. Strong technical competency
  3. Consistent execution
  4. Strategic leadership experience

The reality is, most companies will have one or two of these, but very few have them all. You may have an IT partner that can deliver your technical requirements flawlessly but just doesn’t understand how to communicate with you.

Or perhaps you have an IT partner which is great at building strategy but doesn’t have the technical competency to design and manage the infrastructure.

Make sure the firm you choose checks all four boxes. Don’t take our word for it, look at what our customers have to say.

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