Where we come from. Where we are going.

We are Geneva’s premier provider of IT services for small and medium businesses. Our company consists of individuals who are passionate about business and who believe that technology is the necessary platform of 21st century enterprise.

We have a razor sharp focus on delivering our premium quality IT services to small and medium professional services clients, who are either overlooked by enterprise IT providers or simply unable to afford their IT services.

We came into existence in 2007 to serve small and medium businesses through the delivery of robust technology solutions that allow our clients to focus fully on their core business activities.

The company was founded by Stuart Kibbe who began by serving individuals and small companies with ad hoc IT services and support. As business practices have evolved, so too has THE IT GUYS’ service model. Our most popular product is a fixed-fee IT management solution, which delivers all of the IT services and IT management resource required to deliver and maintain an entire business infrastructure.

From the start, our DNA has been to focus on the relational aspect of IT service provision. Our earliest clients are still with us today and count on us for their IT management needs.

When we ask our clients why they stay with us, they say it is because they have a single trustworthy partner to whom they can delegate responsibility every aspect of their business technology. They say that it’s as if we are part of their team.



Our team members will be happy to answer your questions and provide whatever advice you need over the phone.