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THE IT GUYS are continuously expanding our range of Cloud IT Services. Please choose one of the three solutions below, or make contact at the bottom of the page if you are looking for a different Cloud IT service.

What is a cloud it service?

Cloud IT Services are IT tools that you can use right away without the need for any specialist hardware or local installation.

These tools and abilities are commonly accessed in the form of services, which is where the phrase Software-as-a-Service comes from. You may not know the ins and outs of how Cloud IT Services work, but you’re probably already using them frequently. For example, if you are a Gmail or user, you don’t have any specific hardware actually handling your email, so this is a Cloud Service.

Practically a Cloud Service it is a tool that is operated across a distributed set of hardware devices. Almost any IT tool / system can be built to function in a Cloud Computing environment. The key benefits to this model are speed, reliability, reduced / eliminated cost of hardware, and virtually unlimited scalability.

Some sophisticated Cloud Services may also require specialist hardware and management to obtain their maximum benefit. For example’s CRM software is powerful when just used in the web interface. It saves corporations millions in reduced hardware spend (as opposed to SAP)  but it’s usefulness is multiplied tenfold when it is correctly configured and connected to employees mobile devices for when they’re out on client sites and travelling.

Managed Cloud IT services from THE IT GUYS give you all the benefits, power and reduced cost of cloud computing but with the addition of expert management and optimisation so that the solution fits with your operations.[/accordion_item]

benefits of cloud computing


Your employees should never have to wait when IT is stopping them from working. We make sure they get the support they need, the moment they need it.


Our Cloud Services are ultra high availability, meaning that when you need them most they don’t let you down.


The distributed nature of Cloud Services means that your data is securely backed up to multiple locations to protect you from disaster.


Without expensive hardware purchases and repairs to think about, all you need to pay for is a small monthly fee for the service you need.


With state of the art security protecting your data, you can rest assured it is more secure than in it would be in your city office.


No matter where you are, you can access your data because you are not reliant on a single piece of hardware in your office.


Our Cloud Services are lightning fast and do not slow down unlike your overworked and under maintained exchange server!


Cloud Services are continually evolving and the good news is you get the benefits of improved services, without additional cost or thought!


Cloud IT Services easily grow with your requirement for them. Need to add an additional email user? It’s done in a few moments.

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