Cost effective IT purchases and procurement strategy.

it procurement

Your IT investments are undoubtedly some of your largest business costs. You need to make sure that your IT investments are thought through and ultimately the most effective IT procurement option available.

The trouble is, you didn’t start your business in order that you became an expert on which server to run your bespoke application on, did you? Too many businesses simply purchase the first product they find or the one that they’ve already heard of. And now they regret it because it doesn’t actually do what they need it to do. This is often the case with companies that have not implemented an IT procurement strategy – a decision making framework that helps them to choose the right IT solution.

It is essential to understand how and why to choose a certain product, since it must precisely fit your business.

We are not tied to a single vendor and we always thoroughly assess all the options available to you. You get the benefit of our broad reaching insights across a range of technology solutions and vendors.

how we deliver it procurement

Our technologists will gather details of your requirements and agree a timeframe and scope of the solution. We’ll get busy preparing a defined number of procurement solutions for you and provide an analysis and recommendation. You’ll see all of the workings in a well presented report.

ongoing it procurement support

We operate an outsourced IT procurement function for clients with larger IT requirements. You simply contact us at any time with your latest needs and we’ll come back with solution proposals.


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We are an IT services provider based just outside of Geneva Switzerland. We offer a full range of IT services and French/English speaking IT support to companies throughout Switzerland and Europe.

Our IT support includes onsite and offsite remote IT support and helpdesk.

Our other IT services include: